Book Your Show Package

Book your show photos with us today. Click on this link and chose your show.  You have three options for packages.  Stage photos only, backstage only or both. Click on the poster or date of the show you are competing in and follow the step by step instructions. Photos will be delivered approximately 4 weeks after the Monday following your show. Depending on the size of the show this time frame may vary. Updates are posted regularly on our face book page. Like our page and be notified of these updates.

Backstage photos package are mini shoot done backstage the day of the show, generally immediately once you are done prejudging. This will be discussed with you at registration/athlete meeting. You MUST present yourself to us at that time.  This is a studio style shoot in front of a backdrop. You receive approximately 10 edited, high resolution images. You are responsible for showing up for your shoot. We will not look for you. If you do not show there will be no refunds.

We often get this question when competitors are considering purchasing the stage photo package. “How many photos do I get?” This question is impossible to answer as so many variables can determine the outcome. The best answer we can give is that you will be photographed everytime you are on stage. What determines the number of photos? Well many things. 1)We charge one fee whether you compete in one class or 5 so the first one would be How many classes are you competing in? 2) Does your class require a routine? A routine would give you more photos. 3) How will you spend your time during your individual presentation? If you do 2 mandatory poses rather than showcase yourself obviously there will be less photos. 4) Will you be receiving awards? We have no way of knowing this ahead of time, but if you do this will result in more photos. 5) How many people will be in your class? The more competitors on stage will result in longer comparisons which in turn will result in more photos.

These are just some of the factors involved in how many photos you will receive. When considering purchasing a package from us just remember that you WILL BE photographed when you are on stage. The camera never leaves our hands so you will receive the maximum you can be given all of the variables mentioned above. See you all soon!

**For stage photos there is only one fee no matter how many classes you are competing in.

* Once a purchase is made, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued. No exception. By making your purchase you are agreeing to these terms. PLEASE USE AN EMAIL OTHER THAN HOTMAIL, LIVE OR GOVERNMENT EMAIL.

*Photo packages from bigger shows such as the pro-qualifiers may take a few days to a week longer than the stated 4 weeks above. Please no emails asking when your photos will be ready. We are busy working on packages and answering multiple emails one to two weeks after your show will only delays us.  We know you are excited and want to see your pics. We want you to have them too.  Please like and follow our fb page for updates. We will post when the show is complete. Once we have announced all packages from your show have been delivered, if you have not received your, please then and only then send us an email.